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2019 P•M Staiger Vineyard Chardonnay

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6 barrels produced

Our 2019 P·M Staiger Vineyard Chardonnay comes from the same vineyard source as our 2016 Santa Cruz Mountains Chardonnay. One of the most compelling vineyards in all of California: high elevation, steep slopes, thin rocky soils, own-rooted 48-year-old vines planted to the old Wente selection. For us, this is the ultimate terroir. Nervy and packed with notes of fresh citrus, white flowers, and pure minerality. This Chardonnay is the perfect white wine for your Spring table and will also reward those who love to cellar their white wines. 100% native fermentation, no additions, bottled unfined and unfiltered (12.7% alc).

Cellar Notes

We find such joy in the simplicity of making white wine. For us, it is purely the product of careful pick decisions, skillful choices at the press, and a lot of patience. Beginning in the vineyard, we are constantly tasting and waiting for acidity and flavor to reach their point of optimal balance. Our Chardonnay is then gently whole-cluster pressed as we watch over the ever-changing flavors, textures, and chemistry that transpires during the pressing cycle. We separate the juice into distinct lots and leave them to settle overnight. The next day, we fill lightly used barrels, by gravity, with the settled juice. Each barrel remains tucked away in the cellar, undisturbed, to begin fermenting at its own pace. There is no inoculating, no stirring, no additions – just time. We monitor each barrel’s unique fermentation over the course of 12 months. Once the wines are ready, they are moved into stainless steel for an additional 6 months of aging. The added aging provides the wine with additional focus and length.

  • Steep, terraced vineyard above the town of Boulder Creek
  • Own-rooted, 48 year old vines
  • Old Wente selection
  • Western facing slope
  • Extremely shallow Sandstone - Shale soils
  • Organically Farmed
  • Harvested 9/8
  • Raised in Neutral French Oak and Stainless Steel Barrique
  • 12.7 % Alc / 3.2 pH / 8 TA

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